Yan VillagE:

Our home

Merchants, scholars and mandarins

Our house stands in Yan Village (Yancun), a Song dynasty village. The village is littered with spectacular houses of the merchants, scholars and mandarins. Many would travel the country working, and spend their earnings on spectacular mansions, that their family and descendants would be safe for years to come. All built in white brick, with wooden interiors, the village was designed to be beautiful - and still is. Yan village is nestled by a river to the South and hills to the North, a FengShui ideal.


Village life on foot

Today, cars can not enter the village - it remains a narrow series of winding alleys, where local ladies eat their noodles in the street and the men walk their cows out to the fields. 400m away is Sixi village - which is accessed by a 600 year old footbridge. For the enterprising traveller, trails lead out from our back door up over the hills to rice paddies, tea fields and tiny hamlets. One track made up roads lead further afield to villages up the valley, begging for a cycle.


Plan on spending at least one day exploring the villages - and ask us about the best adventures to be had beyond.