Exploring Wuyuan

The Skywells is ideally placed in the centre of Wuyuan county for exploring ancient villages untouched by time, China's great wilderness at its most dramatic and pockets of ancient culture untouched by the revolutionary fervour of the 20th Century. A selection are shown below, inquire at our front desk for us to arrange a trip for you.

Yan and Sixi villages

Yan village is our home, part of the protected Sixi Yancun scenic area. These are two of the best preserved villages right in the heart of Wuyuan county, where the fabulous wealth of the Song dynasty has left stunning architecture and picture perfect villages. Click to learn more about Yan Village.

China's most beautiful ancient villages

The fabulous wealth of merchants throughout history, isolated position up in the hills and stunning natural scenery give Wuyuan a deserved reputation for the most beautiful villages in China. From the booming halls of Jiangwan, the babbling brooks of small Likeng and delicate blossoms of Xiaoqi, all are a short drive from the Skywells. Ask at our front desk about arranging a tour for you.

Off the beaten path

A handful of Wuyan's  Ancient villages are rightly revered as China's most beautiful (see above). The county is strewn with literally hundreds however, untouched and unexplored; with grand houses sitting on islands amid the rice paddies and blossoms. The Skywells is excellently positioned to explore these on foot, or by cycle. Ask about our tours to wild tea plantations and guided hikes through the mountains around the village, for muddy boots and clean air.

Jaw dropping natural scenery

Wuyuan lies in the heart of China's Southern mountains, with Huangshan (Yellow mountain), Sanqingshan (Three pure ones) Dazhang Shan & Wolong Canyon all within easy access by car. Wuyuan's own landscape is loved by art students and photographers - sights include Asia's largest wild mandarin duck nesting site, Linyan cave system and Moon bay. Ask at our front desk if you would like help arranging transport